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Oprah's Angel Network and Proliteracy Worldwide contribute 600 books to 600 children over next two years with their support of Project ABC.

Alianza Batey, a coalition of 25 organizations working in 120 bateyes nationwide will use Project ABC's "Ya Tu Sabes" manual as the main methodology in its coming pilot program. The pilot program is planned for 20 communities for the 2007-08 school year.  


Proliteracy Worldwide continues support for Project ABC 2006-07 school year. Ther support helps us to reach over 130 learners directly as well as engage many other community members in workshops and learning activities on issues relating to health, civil rights, and educational opportunity.


Homesale Realty and Operation Santa Claus Make "Community to Community" Donation. We thank them for their generous continuing support.


Education for All: Project ABC is dedicated to the utilization of literacy as a tool in the promotion of community development, social justice and economic betterment in marginalized communities.
In the Dominican Republic persons without Dominican birth certificates do not have a legal right to attend public schools or access any public educational programs. Due to discrimination against persons perceived as Haitian or of Haitian descent, many children born in the Dominican Republic find themselves denied birth certificates. The logic used is that if the parents are “Haitian” the child must be a Haitian citizen and cannot be a Dominican citizen, even though Dominican law recognizes dual citizenship. As a result, a generational cycle of illiteracy has developed in the Dominican Republic most prominently seen in communities called bateyes, which have high concentrations of illegal Haitian immigrants and Dominicans of Haitian descent. 


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Duquesa, Flying hazards and “Divers”
Batey Duquesa is situated in the controversial site between Santo Domingo's official garbage dump and the new un-inaugurated International Airport. Although finished, the airport cannot be opened due to the flying hazards presented by flocks of seagulls that inhabit the local garbage dump. The contradiction of this area hosting the city's waste and serving as tourists' first view of the country, perceived by many as a tropical paradise, is complemented by the stark reality for the residents of Duquesa.

On one hand the dump offers sustenance for many inhabitants who "dive" for discarded treasures to repair, clean, and sell in the city's popular flea markets. On the other hand, the garbage poses serious health risks for residents of Duquesa. There are links between respiratory illness and sanitation-related diseases that afflict residents in the community. Despite the millions of pesos involved in the collection and disposal of garbage, Duquesa remains a poor community without basic services. The closest public school only teaches courses through 5th grade. Students must then travel at prohibitively high costs to other neighboring communities, in order to continue their education.


History of Bateyes
Although the Dominican Republic and Haiti lie on the same island, a lack of cohesion and respect for basic human rights exists between the two nations. Frustrated with civil strife and a dire economic situation in their native country, Haitians immigrate to the Dominican Republic hoping to improve their quality of life. Often times the reality falls far from the dream.


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